Published on November 04, 2014

Val King - October Shining Star for Pella Regional

Val King, October Shining StarPELLA, Iowa—Val King, Health Information Management, was selected as October Shining Star by co-workers at Pella Regional Health Center.

King, resident of Pella, was nominated based on Attitude, Commitment, and Sense of Ownership.

Excerpts from her nomination:

“Val's consistent professionalism and level of knowledge and skill in handling difficult situations is tremendous. She immediately responds to each situation, initiating and reaching out to whoever is needed, identifying reporting requirements and acting quickly to ensure that the appropriate notifications happen. Throughout it all, she handles each situation with a calm efficiency that is very impressive. As we work through processes, Val is always a valuable asset to have on a team.”

Shining Star is a reward and recognition program at Pella Regional designed to acknowledge an employee each month that demonstrates outstanding standards of behavior and inspires others to do their best.

King will receive a $100 gift, a plaque, and will automatically be included in the Shining Star of the Year award.