Published on August 14, 2014

Schedule your mammogram now at our medical clinic in Ottumwa 641-455-5200

Scheduling Now for Digital Mammography at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinic in Ottumwa

Digital mammography appointments are now able to be scheduled at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinic in Ottumwa at 920 N. Quincy Ave to provide a continuum of women’s health services to the residents of Ottumwa and surrounding communities.

All too often, crazy schedules and lack of time prompt women to put off having yearly mammograms. Mammography is a proven low-risk, low-dose x-ray used to identify breast cancer early. According to the American Cancer Society, women at average risk of getting breast cancer should get a screening mammogram every year starting at age 40.

“Regularly scheduled mammograms are recommended because it can often detect a lump long before it can be felt,” said Katey Finn, mammography technologist at Pella Regional. “With our mammography system, we get very high quality images in just a few minutes time, giving our patients the best possible exam available.”

According to the American Cancer Society, mammography screening and increased early detection of breast cancers too small to be felt has decreased the breast cancer mortality rate since 1990.

“I can magnify, invert and enhance the image to allow for a more careful evaluation of the breast. Our goal at Pella Regional is to detect tumors at the earliest possible stage. These advanced tools help us increase the chance to do that," says Dr. Alison Smith, Radiologist at Pella Regional.

Additional services at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinic in Ottumwa include family practice, obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health, occupational health, additional medical imaging testing, lab draws and specialty physicians such as orthopedics and urology.

To schedule a mammography appointment at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinic in Ottumwa, call 641–455-5200 or toll-free at 888-455-5582.