Published on December 08, 2014

Room Service Now Offered at Pella Regional

PELLA, Iowa –Good nutrition is an important part of the recovery process and Pella Regional’s new Room Service program features made-to-order, freshly prepared food, allowing for more personalized service.

The menu is expanded and enhanced to offer many healthy and nutritious options to aid in the patient’s recovery. When the patient is ready to eat, they simply call and place their order. Nutrition Services staff then prepares and delivers their meal. The patient’s health care needs continue to be the main priority. All dietary modifications prescribed by the physician are followed.

“Typically, meal choices in hospitals are limited, meal times are set by the facility and menu choices must be made in advance. With room service we can focus on what our patients want and do our best to cater to the individual tastes and needs.
Each meal is freshly prepared when the patient calls,” said Scott Kinney, Director of Nutrition Services at Pella Regional.

The new room service menu offers a variety of choices and allows patients to select their meals between the hours of 6:30 am and 6:30 pm. The breakfast menu is available all day and the lunch and dinner menu are available beginning at 10:30 am. Meals are delivered within 45 minutes of placing an order.

The Room Service menu is also on to allow family members to view the menu and place an order from outside the hospital.

"A lot of these patients aren’t feeling well while they are here. When we have the opportunity to deliver exactly what that patient wants, it makes their day just a little better,” said Kinney. “The staff has done a great job with making this transition as smooth as possible for patients and other staff throughout the hospital.”

Nutrition Services Staff Members

Paul Davids
Charlene DenHartog
Taika Dennill
Kassi Divelbiss
Linda Drahos
Rodney Dunsmoor
Sam Dykstra
Jan Fouch
Alexandria Goodyk
Sheryl Haveman
Jonathan Heerema
Flor Hernandez
Penny Hoch
Nicole Holdeman
Scott Kinney
Jessica Mauk
Patty Morales
Esabelle Morris
Karla Morrison
Mary Phillips
Cathy Pollock
Sarah Schutte
David Simmons
Connie Small
Bobby Smith
Renea Surber
Travis Yets