Mission, Vision and Values


To provide healthcare and healing services with Christian compassion. 


To lead the region in providing compassionate service and clinical excellence through our health ministries. 


Compassion—Reaching out with openness, kindness and concern. 

Reverence for Life—Showing honor and respect for each person, and maintaining confidentiality, privacy and respect for the life values of others.

Integrity—Maintaining the highest standards of behavior; encompassing honesty, ethics and doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Stewardship—Using Pella Regional Health Center's assets and financial resources responsibly.

Teamwork—Having an abiding respect for others and sustaining commitment to work together as individuals or a community.

Excellence—Committing to providing the best service with compassion.

Strategic Goals

Through the annual strategic planning process, a strategic map is developed to outline the highest priorities for Pella Regional Health Center. These priorities are centered around the five pillars of: quality, service, people, growth and finance. Through these measurable indicators, Pella Regional assesses its growth and progress.