Pella Regional provides a wide range of services critical to the patients we serve. Our commitment is truly to our communities - as an employer, as a community resource and as a health care provider.

Community Benefits

Our Community Benefits Report accounts for services that are needed by the community, but that we provide at a financial loss. From our 2015 IRS 990, submitted by our Finance Department in November 2016, our Community Benefits were valued at $9,626,980.

These benefits were:

Charity Care at Cost $351,650

Medicaid Shortfalls $1,266,684

Financial Loss of Subsidized Health Services $7,501,177

(Dialysis, Emergency and Trauma Services, Hospice, Medical Clinic in Bussey, Pella Medical Clinic, and Rural Health Clinics in Monroe, Sully and Ottumwa)

Community Improvement Services $377,526

(24/7 Nurseline Service, Health Fairs, Screenings, Support Groups, Services to Special Populations)

Health Professions Education $124,622

(Clinical site for medical, nursing, pharmacy, technical and therapy students)

Financial and In-Kind Donations $5,321

At Pella Regional, we have elected submit financial details from our IRS 990 which reports financial assistance and other community benefits at cost and which EXCLUDE our Medicare shortfall and bad debt expense from our Community Benefit calculation.

Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Implementation Plan Summary

Community Health Needs Assessment Summary

Pella Regional health Center participated in a community engagement project in 2014 to develop a plan for community health improvement efforts for the next three years. This project included a community health needs assessment with a survey, a review of secondary data analysis of health information and a town hall meeting coordinated by Vince Vandehaar, of VVV Research & Development Inc., an independent health research and consulting firm from Olathe, Kansas. The project also includes a health implementation plan to help guide the Pella Regional and area organizations in health improvement efforts.

The community health needs assessment brought together community health leaders, providers and local residents from Marion, Mahaska, Jasper and Wapello counties, to research, prioritize area health needs and document community health delivery successes.

Key findings from the assessment include:

  • Area employers value employees health
  • EMS and ambulance services are outstanding
  • Pella Regional offers excellent Emergency Room care
  • A broad variety of health services are available at Pella Regional
  • Quality primary care providers are available along with good visiting specialists

View the complete Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF) here.

Opportunities to make community health changes and improvements were also noted and expanded in the health implementation plan. Key areas for examination include:

  • Increasing outpatient and inpatient mental health services and addressing substance abuse
  • Providing more affordable nursing home care options
  • Fighting obesity with a focus on fitness, nutrition and prevention actions
  • Providing insurance price transparency
  • Improving local cardiac services
  • Improving water quality, increasing testing and targeting Lake Red Rock
  • Exploring and/or developing a stand-alone Urgent Care
  • Addressing dementia services and Alzheimer’s Care.

The updated report Health Implementation Plan 2016 (PDF) is available here. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Jordan Poole at Pella Regional Health Center at 641-621-2273.


VVV Research & Development, Inc., Olathe, KS

Iowa Dept. of Public Health

Marion Co. Public Health Dept.